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Hercules global SARL is a Senegal-based company based out of Sandiara Economic Zone, Senegal.


Hercules Global operates state-of-the-art lubricant blending plants with a capacity of 3 million Ton per annum & Aluminum Alloy making Plant with a capacity of 10000 MT P.A. in its factory at Sandiara.

Oil plants blend and manufacture a comprehensive range of Automotive and Industrial lubricants.  Hercules's activities comprise Manufacturing, storage, warehousing, transportation, and marketing of its extensive range of Automotive and Industrial lubricants. We supply to major B2B customers (Industries, Infrastructure, Mining & Fleet Customers) and continue to remain a leading player in the market through the stellar distributor network.

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Our plants are equipped with a State-of-the-Art testing Lab with a comprehensive testing facility and are benchmarked with global laboratories. Hercules Global is 1st lubricant company in Senegal to manufactures lubricants inside the country with high-quality standards adopted by the organization.


We maintain the youthful and fresh approach of a challenger brand. We’re going the extra mile to inspire loyalty and trust in our customers, partners, and employees. And as the world changes, we are agile and flexible enough to change too.

We have big ambitions for the future. By 2023 we will:

  • Be recognized as a top 10 African continent  downstream company within the oil industry – for value, volumes, earnings, and brand recognition

  • Grow by the implementation of meaningful customer value propositions, combined with innovative product development and technical solutions

  • Double our manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Hercules branded products

We will ensure that our customers – through our ability to add value to them – remain our priority.

We will nurture the passion of our employees and grow the talent in the Hercules Businesses. We will ensure we are responsible both to society and to the world in which we live. We provide the highest quality products and services to our clients by constantly focusing on our three core values, Quality, Endurance, and Passion.

Safety Health & Environmental Care:

Hercules Global SARL is committed to high quality and safety standards for its employees, partner’s customers, and resources engaged in manufacturing, marketing, and utilizing Hercules Oil products and services. Protection of the environment and providing healthy and safe working conditions is one of our topmost priorities and it is our policy to operate in the most efficient and effective manner to avoid wastage, conserve energy and prevent accidents in all aspects of our work and operations.


Product Family:

Hercules Global SARL is formulated from synthetic technology base oil, high performance additive systems, and a leading-edge viscosity index improver. High-performance lubricants are developed mainly for every type of engine. Hercules products are specially designed to ensure optional engine cleanliness and lasting anti-wear protection for the engine’s most fragile parts, the lubricants have excellent antioxidant properties to extend drain intervals.

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